Welcome to Splatt Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers (K M Splatt & Associates) is a law firm with a proven difference. We are a proud family owned and operated law firm who value our clients and their outcomes – and we have been achieving fair and just outcomes for our clients since 1996.

We are a specialist** law firm and have a 99% success rate of settling disputes out of court. We stand by our No Win, No Fee policy which covers all the upfront costs incurred in a claim.

We do not request that our clients take out Litigation Funding or Litigation Loans for outlays costs. Outlay costs include expenses such as medical reports and records, other expert reports including investigation and accountancy reports as well as Government search fees and filing fees. The costs of obtaining these can be substantial.

** The law in Queensland restricts what we are allowed to tell people about the services we provide. Find out more about what we do by clicking on the ‘Areas of Practice’.