Have you been in a car accident?

  Car Accidents Driving is probably one of the most dangerous things most of us will ever do. According to Queensland Government’s Road Crash Report there have been 112 road related fatalities this year to date.  http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/Transport-and-road-statistics/Road-safety-statistics.aspx Although we do our best to drive responsibly it is still good to know what to do just […]

Drive Safe – Road rules for everyday driving

Road markings in Queensland include lines, painted islands, traffic lane arrows, dividing strips, and turning bays—with most being painted white. Lines are painted on the road to guide you when driving. Here is a little refresher: Single continuous line Crossing a single continuous line You can cross a single continuous centre line to enter or […]

Injured and not looking forward to Christmas?

Many of us look forward to Christmas each year, it’s usually a time of celebration and family. If you have been injured, celebrating the way you once did can be very difficult. Many post injury challenges are difficult to manage in day to day life. With financial constraints due to lost or reduced income, gift […]

Unhappy with the service of your personal injury lawyer?

Are you unhappy with the service of your personal injury lawyer or the way your personal injury claim is being handled?  You may feel as though you are stuck after signing a client cost/retainer agreement but the truth is that anyone can change personal injury lawyers at any time.  No court approval is required to […]

Have you been injured? Here are MUST DO things.

Has an injury affected your life, your financial situation, family and or physical capabilities? While we cannot make the injury something that didn’t happen to you we can assist you along the path to an outcome. Here are some tips as to what to do if you or a loved one are ever injured.  Even […]


The current Queensland Government has now introduced into Parliament the Workers Compensation Amendment Bill.  This Bill aims to repair the damage done to the Workers Compensation Scheme by the Newman Government in 2013 which effectively took away the rights of injured workers’. Workers Compensation Amendment Bill While the details of the scheme are yet to […]

Psychiatric injury – personal injury compensation

Sustaining a psychiatric injury as a result of an accident may give rise to a right to personal injury compensation.  The legal principles for claiming compensation for a psychiatric injury as a personal injury, sit within the law of negligence. This means the right to seek damages arises from an injury which has resulted from […]